16 Timeless Beauty and Style Essentials That Get You The Most Bang For Your Buck

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We chatted with Jenn Falik, Slimfast's beauty and style pro, who told us how to clean out our closets to the simple essentials and get the most out of the items that work year-round. Click through for ways to lighten up your wardrobe and beauty stash.

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Digital Beauty Editor

The other day when I caught up with Slimfast’s new style and beauty expert, Jenn Falik, I learned a couple of surprising facts from their Unlock Your Closet Survey. It turns out 93 percent of women have multiple sizes of clothing in their closet (many of which don’t even fit them) and 15 percent of women still keep items in their closet that they haven't worn for more than two years. “Those crazy ladies!” I initially thought, and went about the rest of my day at work as usual. But my chat with Falik stuck with me—and the moment I got home, I realized I actually fell into that statistic, too.

One look at my closet and I could already eyeball a handful of things that still had the tags on them, dresses fancy enough for a gala (because, you know, I attend so many), and sweaters that I could literally blow dust bunnies off of. My linen-turned-beauty closet was no better—I had a pile of shampoo bottles when it takes me months to finish just one, and I was about one mascara short of being able to open my own Sephora. Clearly, both my wardrobe and beauty stash needed some paring down.

After this eye-opening experience, I had Falik help me narrow down my collection to the essentials. I thought I'd have a hard time letting go, but it turns out there's really something to idea of "out of sight, out of mind." Above, Falik outlines the key fashion and beauty items every woman needs. The best part is all of these multifunctional pieces work year round—saving you money and space in your closet. Click through to check out her genius advice.

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