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From blemishes to wrinkles to dryness, face masks are the key to effectively treating your biggest skin concerns. Click through to shop seven powerful options under $10.
Imported from Korea, this mask improves texture and elasticity and gives skin a huge hydration boost. Use it in place of a serum one to two times a week.
Gently, yet successfully, clears out pores and controls excess oil.
Formulated with tea tree, kaolin and vitamin A, this serum-soaked mask soothes, purifies and balances skin.
In addition to being super nourishing, snail slime (yes, you read that right) regenerates skin cells, heals scars and fights wrinkles.
Got five minutes? This single-serve treatment energizes and plumps tired, lifeless skin in no time. 
An intense dose of moisture for dry and dehydrated skin.
Natural white pearl brightens and evens the complexion, while broccoli extract clarifies.