Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup? Don't Miss These 24 Expert Tips Every Bride-To-Be Should Know

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All makeup experts agree: you want to look like yourself on your wedding day, but at your very best. If you’re considering doing your own makeup for the big event, it’s so much easier (and way less expensive!) if you follow these sound pieces of advice from the pros.
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Assuming that you’ve had tons of practice doing your own makeup on a daily basis, attempting to do it yourself on your wedding day actually isn’t that much more difficult. After all, no one knows your face better than you do, and chances are you have many of the tools and products that you need for the big day right at your fingertips—you just need to know how to use them.

I asked several industry experts to give their best pieces of advice for getting it done—including Hannah Martin, Bobbi Brown’s UK makeup artist who provided assistance to members of the Royal Wedding, as well as one of the fashion world’s key players, Fiona Stiles, who had firsthand experience doing her own wedding day makeup. If you're considering creating your wedding beauty look on your own, prep yourself with these handy tips.

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