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For Jason Wu, fashion and beauty go hand in hand. It's apparent in his shows and in his work with Lancôme. "I’m not a ‘no-makeup makeup’ kind of a person. There’s always a look," he told WWD last year following the announcement of his debut cosmetics line for the brand.

For his second collaboration, which hits stores today, he took inspiration from the midnight floral pattern seen in his Pre-Fall 2014 collection.

"I was feeling sort of saturated, earthier tones, and that felt really interesting because those weren’t colors that I’ve used so much before," he told "I thought it was a really nice palette to serve as inspiration because earth tones always make for a great beauty look."

The 11-piece line, described as "romanticism with a hint of dark glamour," includes all-in-one shadow palettes decorated with the floral motif, satiny pink lipsticks and a lengthening mascara. Click through above to shop!

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