Jourdan Dunn's Cool Center Part: The Zero-Commitment Way to Change Up Your Hair

Digital Beauty Editor

Phill Taylor

For years I thought my hair looked horrible with anything but a side part, but the season's runway and red carpet looks have recently proved me way wrong. I like to soften up the style by going ever-so-slightly off-center, like model Jourdan Dunn does here, so that it feels a little more effortless and fun. Another important way to keep a center part from looking severe is to let the rest of the hair be soft and flowy.

Start off by using the pointy end of a rattail comb to find your middle part—or, simply use your fingers. For the rest of the hair, "switch back and forth between a large curling iron and a flat iron to make random bends in the hair," says celeb hairstylist Derek Williams. "Alternating between two different irons is a great tip to creating a naturally wavy look." However, don't spend too much time on making the waves: the key is to have the rest of the hair look slightly imperfect to balance the super-sleek middle part.

Complete the style with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray for more body and movement. Creating a new part for your hair is such a little tweak to your regular hairstyle that drastically changes your look. Plus, it requires no commitment whatsoever: try a middle part for the office and switch it back to your trusty side part after work. So simple!

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