PHOTO: Katy Perry's Eyebrows Are Missing!

Katy Perry doesn’t stick to one hair color for too long–a habit that apparently also extends to her eyebrows. The experimental star recently posted this dramatic beauty look on her Instagram, revealing a set of super-bleached brows paired with sky-high braided buns, tons of faux lashes and futuristic nails.

via Instagram/ @KatyPerry

"BAUSS BISH BB," she wrote with the photo. Feel free to take a stab at interpreting that, but perhaps she's taking cues from Miley Cyrus or maybe trying her hand at copying the beauty look we saw at Marc Jacobs' Fall 2014 show. My gut feeling, though, is that it’s not a permanent transformation, but simply a sneak peek of a new look she'll sport in an upcoming music video.

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