Kendall Jenner's New Hair Obsession Costs Only $9

Digital Beauty Editor

It looks like older sis Kim isn't the only one in the Kardashian family who's into an amazing beauty cheapie that really works. Fashion darling Kendall Jenner Instagrammed her latest totally affordable beauty find that editors here at Lucky are also equally obsessed with: The Wet Brush.

via Instagram/ @KendallJenner

It looks like a regular hairbrush, but it's actually a perfect solution for those post-shower tangled hair woes—and it comes in a girly hot pink hue! Jenner's haircare must-have has super-thin bristles that are strong, yet soft—so it's more flexible than your traditional brush. While regular tools will break and split your hair if you brush it while damp, The Wet Brush is specifically designed so it won't damage your hair. Plus, it feels really good when you gently massage your scalp with the rounded bristles.

In short, it's an awesome beauty steal you should keep in your hair kit at all times—and for the first time, I can finally say I have something in common with a Kardashian.

The Wet Brush, $9,

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