11 Versatile Grooming Products You Can Borrow From The Boys

You’d never guess the guy’s grooming aisle had so many amazing products; in fact, some of them probably work better than yours! Click through to discover a new favorite.


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While I’m constantly trying out new skincare, hair and makeup products on a regular basis, most men I know aren’t nearly as experimental. For instance, my father has used the same cologne and bar soap for the past 15 years, and my boyfriend literally has four backups of his favorite hair wax product, even though it takes him nearly a year to use just one. Clearly, when guys find a grooming item they love, they stick to it.

Such product loyalty made me wonder whether these lotions and potions could work for women as well—so naturally, I had to try them out! As you’ll see from the products I’ve tested in the slideshow above, it turns out there’s practically no reason to have “his” and “hers” shelves in the bathroom cabinet: many men's products are essentially unisex. Click through for some of my favorites.

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