WATCH: One Direction Has A Very Important Announcement

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When One Direction’s second perfume (called "That Moment") landed on our desk in March, we couldn’t help but compare it to Cady Heron's eau de “baby prostitute.” It was a valiant effort put forth by the adorable boys of 1D, and we have no doubt hoards of middle school girls are still running around drenched in the fragrance. While its intensely sweet undertones were not necessarily for us, that doesn’t mean the rest of the universe kept the candy pink box closed like we did.

In fact, 1D is putting out another perfume later this summer, this one named after their track “You & I.” Maybe this particular scent will be less aggressively syrupy so we, too, can load it on like our 13-year-old comrades. Here’s to staying hopeful.

Watch the tragically underrated Liam Payne make the big announcement below:

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