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Feel free to press the snooze button tomorrow! Click through for quick yet chic hairstyle ideas and makeup tricks that will make it seem like you spent hours on your look.
From running errands to date night, this timeless style works for nearly every occasion. Hide the elastic of your ponytail by wrapping a one-inch section of hair around the band and securing it with bobby pins. It instantly feels more polished and "done."
Try a swipe of bold blue eyeshadow like Lupita Nyong'o did recently at several events. The best part is you don't have to do too much (or anything at all!) to the rest of your face, since the eyes make such a statement.
Try this Kate Bosworth-approved trick to getting a little bit of natural wave to flatter your face: keep your hair tucked behind both ears.
This wrappy ponytail is a chic and super-fast way to amp up up a simple style. Plus, we love how it takes you from work to gym. Click here to see how to recreate the look.
True, our June/July cover star Miranda Kerr makes anything look impossibly chic—but there's something about this undone bun, bright shades and pink lipstick combo that we're particularly loving. Plus, the cute hairstyle works even better on unwashed, second-day hair.
Spray your hair with volumizing dry shampoo and flip to the opposite side of your usual part to create a Lorde-inspired hair flip.
Color-coordinate your lipstick and your blush to make you immediately look more awake.
Dust on powder bronzer in all the right places. For a natural-looking sun-kissed vibe, think of the areas where the sun hits the most: cheekbones, across the forehead and down the nose.
So maybe Chrissy Teigen's messy waves don't really take one minute, but if you sleep in braids, all it requires is a few seconds to shake them out to reveal perfectly undone wavy hair.
Pile on colorful bobby pins! Chances are you already have a million of them all around your house. Go for the same bright shade with three or four pins—or mix and match pretty colors for a fun look.
Pulling your hair half-up feels more special than a ponytail, but still keeps your hair out of your face.
Don't have time for a full-on DIY mani to dry? Paint just the tips for a quick nail update.
Don't get us wrong—we love a fancy braid, but sometimes a classic, back-to-basics style will simply do the trick.
Have we mentioned how much we're obsessed with orange lipstick? In case you haven't heard, it's the go-to color that will get you through the entire season.
This fashion week backstage beauty secret keeps a deep side part in place: add in a mini braid at the nape of your neck and let the rest of your hair lay on top of it.
Braid your ponytail, then coil it into a bun. It looks way more complicated than it really is!