This New Multipurpose Moisturizer Will Cut Your Skincare Routine In Half

Digital Beauty Editor

Unlike the 10-step skincare routines of the people in my home country of Korea, I’m more of a one-and-done kind of girl. That’s why when Philosophy’s new anti-aging, acne-fighting moisturizer landed on my desk, I was immediately intrigued.

It contains salicylic acid which eliminates acne-causing bacteria and reduces the appearances of blemishes and pores. Plus, retinol fights fine line and wrinkles—all while adding a crazy amount of hydration. Just FYI, as with all retinol products, it's best to use this at night since skin cell turnover causes the new, delicate skin to be sensitive to sunlight.

A skincare regimen that takes less time to slather on than it does to watch the Orange Is the New Black opening credits? I'm so in.

Philosophy Anti-Aging Moisturizer for Blemish-Prone Skin, $60,

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