An Easy, At-Home Solution To Get Your Feet Sandal-Ready

After a weekend of workout classes, dancing the night away at a friend’s wedding and running around the city in my new Birkenstocks, my feet aren’t in the best shape. Even if you didn’t spend the whole weekend on your feet like I did, chances are you still want them to be sandal-ready at all times this summer. So when you don’t have time to get a full-on treatment at a nail salon, consider Silk’n latest Pedi device that'll give you the most amazing smooth, soft feet ever.

The device comes with two rollers: the turquoise one has a coarser grain that you apply to thick calluses, and the purple one has a finer grain that also removes calluses, but smoothes out dry, cracked areas too. I like to use it right before I hop in the shower, since it only works on dry skin, and I found that lotion absorbs way better with the old layer of skin sloughed off.

Now that your feet are ready for your favorite sandals, all that's left to decide is what nail polish color you want to wear to show them off tomorrow!

Silk’n Pedi, $29,

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