Summer Haircut Inspiration: Lucky Editor Leigh Belz Ray's Choppy, Layered Bob

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Lucky deputy editor Leigh Belz Ray has the most amazing low-maintenance bob! Click through to check out the easy one-and-done products she relies on to maintain the look.
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At the Lucky offices, editors never hesitate to share their style and beauty secrets. "Where did you get that?" and "What product did you use?" are questions often asked and readily answered. So naturally, when Lucky's Leigh Belz Ray made the decision to cut her hair into a fantastic layered bob, we had to know every detail. Below, our deputy editor reveals her inspiration, hair product must-haves and more!

Lucky: What inspired you to get a haircut?

Leigh Belz Ray: In high school, my signature look was a single-length bob and ever since I feel like I've been fighting against it. But, I've had long hair for a while now and especially after this winter I wanted to lighten up in a lot of ways. I saw a picture of my hair from the side recently and it looked like a curtain! So now was the perfect time. I actually brought Lucky's April cover of Lily Collins as celebrity inspiration. Originally, I was thinking of an angled cut like hers, but it ended up being slightly different and it's great.

Who created the cut and where did you go to get it done?

Ever since I've moved to Williamsburg, I've tried a couple of new salons and they've all been good. However, every time I told a stylist to try something different on my hair, most of them respectfully did a trim of the same version. Now, I think I finally found "my" hairstylist—she's actually a recommendation from [Lucky editor] Jayna Maleri. Her name is Laura Leigh and she's at Deluxe Salon in Brooklyn. She's excellent! I told her that I was looking for a change. I wanted layers for movement. The only other criteria was that even though I wanted it short, it had to be long enough to put it into a ponytail since [my daughter] Riley pulls at my hair. While Laura was cutting it we kept pulling it back to make sure it was long enough for a least a little nub of a ponytail.

How has your hair routine changed at all?

I've always been so basic when it comes to my hair routine. In the morning I'll shower with whatever shampoo I have at the time and maybe put one product in my hair. There's no curling or big barrel brushes involved. I'm pretty much wash and go, so I wanted a cut that naturally had some shape to it without having to do a lot of styling.

I have noticed I've been conditioning less, though. I feel like it allows for a little more grip and volume. When it comes to styling products, I've been experimenting with what works. Originally, I started off using Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray and sort of crunching my hair with my fingers. The thing that I've been using now that I feel like is the most successful is Bumble and Bumble's Texture (Un)Dressing Creme. I just apply a small amount to the roots and swirl the ends of the hair around my fingers with the remaining gel. I feel like by touching the crown it gives it a little more volume and the swirling gives it a cool pieciness. Sometimes I'll wrap it up in a bun so that by the time I get to work and take it down I feel like it has a fun texture with a little wave.

What do you like the best—and least!—about your cut?

The best thing and the least thing is actually the same: it's a little bit different every day. I think you can make certain cuts look the same all the time, but with this cut, any slight variation makes all the difference. For example, sometimes I get a lot more volume at the top if I just put a little extra dab of the texture cream. Sometimes I can get it to curl under perfectly, but then the tricky thing is I can't recreate it. With my cut, if I have a great hair day and I want to do the same thing tomorrow, it's not really possible.

Do you plan on experimenting with different hairstyles in the future?

For a wedding a few weeks ago, I twisted two pieces on each side and pinned them back. I also think that the segmented ponytail is a trend that could work for me, too, so I'm interested in seeing what styles I can pull off!

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