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Click through for six great DIY beauty tips from our own Lucky Community.
Lemon Sugar Scrub
For a great natural exfoliant, try this simple homemade scrub. The sugar and lemon will clear away dead skin cells while brightening and evening out the tone of your skin. DIY it now!
Lipstick Swap
When it's humid and hot outside, a topknot makes for the perfect messy updo. But to make your look really stand out, try ditching your winter reds and pick a hot pink lipstick instead! The softer hue will brighten your whole look.
At-Home Platinum Hair
Bleaching can be a scary at-home treatment, but Lara's got some incredible tips for those planning to lighten their locks this summer. From using silver shampoo to how to properly re-bleach your strands, click here to get all her tips!
Honey and Yogurt Facial
Check out Katherine's yummy honey and yogurt facial—she learned about it from a night bellman at a hotel! Those guys know all the secrets...
Organic Hair Mask
If you don't know, now you know: honey should be a major power player in your at-home beauty routine!
Beachy Waves
Alina's step-by-step guide to easy beach waves is so fast, you can finish it in less time than it takes to brew a good cup of coffee! Try it tomorrow for a great weekend 'do.