Seven Expert Sunscreen Tips That’ll Save Your Skin

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It’s true that many beauty rules are meant to be broken—but not when it comes to protecting your skin from the sun. Click through for everything you need to know about applying sunscreen for the summer (and beyond!).

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Digital Beauty Editor

You probably know by now that SPF should be an important part of your everyday beauty routine, but there’s so much more to it than haphazardly slathering it on in the car on the way to the beach. From the proper way to apply it to the best types of formulas to use, there are many different factors to consider if you want to reap the full benefits of your sun protectant.

Click through for a skincare pro's genius advice on the dos and don'ts of wearing sunscreen, whether you're headed to the office or spending a full day in the sun.

How To Get A Sun-Kissed Glow—While You Sleep!

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