Eight Amazingly Affordable Styling Products for Textured and Curly Hair

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Whether you're looking for shine, bounce or curl definition, these products are great for ladies with textured hair and wallet-friendly. Click through to shop the best styling and haircare products that are all under $20.
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Those with textured hair know that it’s both a blessing and a curse. While our hair type lets us create some amazing looks that our sleek-and-straight haired friends can't, maintaining our 'dos is another story. Trust me, as someone who has particularly difficult to manage hair, I’ve certainly done my fair share of experimenting.

Though I'm no stranger to investing in an expensive haircare product, I had a rude awakening at the start of my freshman year: being a college student meant I no longer had the freedom of using my mom’s checkbook at a whim. So it was imperative that I found haircare products that kept my hair stylish and healthy, but were also super-affordable. Over the past two years, I turned to various blogs, asked friends for advice and pored through the aisles of the drugstore to find out what works—and at the best price.

I learned first hand that it certainly takes a lot of trial and error, but luckily I’ve done all the leg work for you! Click through for tried-and-true hair products that truly get your hair looking its best—and the best part is nothing costs over $20.

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