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Whether you're looking for shine, bounce or curl definition, these products are great for ladies with textured hair and wallet-friendly. Click through to shop the best styling and haircare products that are all under $20.
A glossy curl enhancer helps define even the kinkiest of curls so you can style them into more versatile looks.
I can't count how many combs I've actually broken from attemping to detangle my hair. This creamy leave-in conditioner not only helps detangle way more easily, it makes hair styling more manageable and prevents breakage.
Whether you shampoo every day or only once a week, this nourishing coconut milk-based shampoo is amazing for getting moisture down the entire length of your curls. It also contains egg white proteins to make hair strong and healthy.
Everything from two-strand twists, faux hawks, coils, twist-outs and cornows can be easily created with the help of this anti-frizz hair gel.  It not only provides a great consistency for braiding and styling, but it makes the look last all day.
Whether I chemically straighten my hair or opt for a flat iron, this hair relaxer packs hair with moisturizing argan oil for crazy-shine.
This permanent hair dye kit is made specifically for ladies with dry, textured hair. Jojoba oil makes sure that each strand stays hydrated and the rich color lasts forever. I'm obsessed with all 14 of the colors it comes in!
Growing my hair long and lush was always a frustrating challenge—that is until I discovered Jamaican black castor oil. I use it as mini hair treatment by drenching hair from root to tip and sitting under a dryer for 15 minutes. The fatty omega acids promote hair growth and you can even use the rest of the bottle as a body moisturizer, too.
African-Americans with textured styles might be hesitant to dye their hair not only because of chemical damage, but also because they aren't sure which shades work for their skin tone. This DIY hair dye kit is a vitamin-enriched formula that doesn't include bad-for-you ammonia or peroxide. Plus, any of the five neutral shades look stunning on darker skin tones.