A Stylish Way to Get Your Bangs Out Of Your Eyes This Summer

Digital Beauty Editor

Though it’s been a few years since I’ve committed to full-on bangs, I’ve incorporated a few super-short layers into my look this season in order to make my long hair feel lighter for summer. Most days I love my face-framing pieces (that is, when I have time to properly style them), but on humid, soupy days like today, my layers reminded me of how cumbersome short hair and bangs can be—especially when they fall lifelessly flat against my forehead. Since they’re not long enough to pull back into a ponytail or tuck behind my ears, I've found that a cute side braid keeps short pieces out of my face, while still giving me the ability to leave the rest of my hair down and flowy.

Whether you spray on a dry shampoo or apply a volumizing mousse, start the look off with a product that will give the braid more grip so your bangs and short layers will stay in place. Section off a small portion of hair near the hairline and tie the rest of the hair back in a ponytail so you don’t accidentally grab more than you need to for your braid. After you’re finished braiding, shake out the rest of the hair from your ponytail and pin the braid back using a couple of bobby pins—all in under five minutes.

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