WATCH: Colbie Caillat's Makeup-Free Music Video Has A Powerful Message

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In the most lady-empowering move, well, possibly ever, Colbie Caillat takes a powerful stance against Photoshop and goes makeup-free in her music video for her new song "Try."

At the beginning, Caillat is shown wearing a full face of makup, including, as we later find out, hair extensions, false eyelashes and quite a lot of eyeshadow. Throughout the course of the video, equally glammed out women of all ages, shapes and colors lip-synch along as Caillat sings about the beauty conventions often expected of women.

"Curl your hair, get your nails done, run the extra mile, keep it slim so they like you," Caillat sings.

By the end of the video, all the women, Caillat included, wipe off their makup, shake out their hair, and in one case, strip off a wig. Each woman is shown smiling, enforcing the song's message that each woman is beautiful just the way they are—no makup needed.

The video ends with an bare-faced Caillat singing directly to her fans, "Take your makeup off, look into the mirror at yourself, don't you like you? 'Cause I like you." Talk about a seriously uplifting message, making it clear that you should be happy with what you see, not others.

Watch the full "Try" music video below:

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