Six Reasons You Can Totally Pull Off Dark Lipstick in the Summer

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Dark lipstick in the summer seems so wrong, but at a recent screening for her new movie Wish I Was here, she made it look so right! Click through for five other celebs who have recently nailed the off-season look.

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I recently got my hair cut short. Like, I didn't even recognize myself in the salon chair kind of short. It's taken more time and mirror pep talks than I'd like to admit to adapt up to my new look, but I think I'm finally warming up to it. To avoid appearing too masculine or childish, I wear heels more often, I replaced my beachy, mirrored sunglasses with sophisticated cat eyes and swapped my go-to, bright lip colors for deep berries and moody reds.

Yes, I know—dark lipstick in the summer just seems so wrong! But instead of looking too heavy or out of place, I've found that the off-season shade looks fresh and cool, especially against glowy, sun-kissed skin. 

I'm not the only one breaking beauty rules this season. At a screening of her new movie Wish I Was Here, Kate Hudson looked striking with luminous skin and vampy lipstick, and at the Leonardo Dicaprio Gala in Saint-Tropez, Cara Delevingne ruled the red carpet with a smoky eye and a dramatic purple pout.

Would you wear dark lipstick in the summer? Discuss in the comments below and click through above to see how Kate, Cara and four other celebrities wore the look!

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