13 Crafty (Yet Totally Practical) Bridal Shower Favor Ideas For Beauty Lovers

Thinking about making your own bridal shower favors? We guarantee all of your guests will adore these sweet, inventive presents—mostly because you put the extra thought in making them yourself, but also because they contain awesome beauty goodies!

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Digital Beauty Editor

While bridal shower favors are a nice token of appreciation, standard heart-shaped keychains and flimsy picture frames often end up being stowed away as sentimental keepsakes rather than truly functional presents for your guests (though we know you had good intentions!). When you’re looking for a bridal shower gift, you want something that's useful yet fun, classic but still special. Plus, you obviously don't want it to cost you a fortune.

Luckily, we took the stress out of hunting for the perfect gift: there's nothing that feels more personal than adding a DIY touch to a truly practical present, like a universally flattering nail polish they'll use to the last drop or a stunning lipstick they can wear over and over again. Invest in some handy tools, like a glue glun and a stack of gorgeous ribbon, and you're pretty much set.

Click through for 13 memorable do-it-yourself bridal shower favor ideas your guests will enjoy long after the party is over.

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