Your Shiniest Hair Ever: Nine Drugstore Products That Offer Serious Gloss

Guarantee a good hair day with any one of these shine-delivering drugstore buys.

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Digital Beauty Editor

While I can't guarantee that I can get my hair to perfectly curl the way I want it to or that my fingers will be nimble enough to craft an amazing braid, one thing's for sure: I can always rely on a shine-delivering product to make my hair look instantly presentable. Like your skin, hair simply looks healthier and better when it has a bit of a glow. And achieving shiny hair isn't rocket science: the smoother the hair cuticle, the more light it reflects.

Luckily, some of our favorite products to help add luster back to your hair are easily found at any drugsture—and many of them cost way under $10! Click through to find a new beauty cheapie that will get your hair glossy and glowing instantly.

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