13 French Skincare And Hair Products That Really, Truly Work

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From pharmacy classics to brand-new must-haves, we’ve rounded up the best French beauty products in honor of Bastille Day. Click through to find your new favorite.

Constance Jablonski, via Estée Lauder

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Digital Beauty Editor

While Chanel, Maje and Chloé are all on my shopping bucket list for when I visit Paris (for the first time!) next year, there’s no doubt I’ll first be making a beeline for one of France's famous pharmacies to stock up on beauty products. As I'm slowly prepping for my trip, I've been obsessed with learning how French women pull off their glowy, #justwokeuplikethis complexions and effortless-looking blowouts. As opposed to my native Korea's notorious 12-step beauty routines, it turns out the trick to French women's regimens is that less is truly more (think one-and-done face oils and do-it-all hair products with natural ingredients). Multipurpose products that slash my bathroom time in half? I'm so in.

While a visit to a Paris drugstore is necessary to really load up on every single French product that I'm coveting, there are a ton of luxe French beauty favorites that we can score stateside, too. Click through to shop these gorgeous French hair and skin go-tos—tout de suite!

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