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Even after years of excessive tweezing, full eyebrows are not totally out of reach. Click through for celebrity brow expert Ramy Gafni's tricks for growing and faking thick, bold brows.
"To speed up brow growth, take a good multivitamin that includes biotin and zinc and add more protein—a building block for hair growth—to your diet."
"A serum formulated to enhance brow growth can work wonders if you’re recovering from a bad shaping or mishap. The key to its effectiveness is consistent use."
"Brush your brows daily to increase blood flow and to stimulate optimum hair growth."
"To fake fuller brows, choose a filler that's one to two shades lighter than your brow color. Regardless of formula, always brush it through to remove excess product and to blend what’s left behind. Brows will look perfected and natural-looking, not made-up."
"I prefer tweezing and trimming to waxing or threading. It’s more precise, hygienic and gentle. When tweezing at home, always take a conservative approach. When in doubt, don’t pluck it out!"
"Between brow appointments, let them grow! Constant cleanups of strays will only delay the process. If you have a few stray hairs that must go, tweeze them, but the objective is to keep your brows clean-looking, not to compromise the shape."