Your Effortless, Non-Intimidating Guide To Contouring

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With the right products and the foolproof technique below, contouring is a breeze. Click through to shop seven ways to try this beauty technique!

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Have you ever wondered how celebrities appear so flawless on the red carpet? While some simply have great genes or miracle-working facialists, many rely on contouring (Hello, Kim Kardashian!) to enhance the features they love and downplay the ones they don't. But you don't need a professional makeup artist to fake amazing bone structure, a slimmer nose, bigger eyes and fuller lips. At a recent visit to BECCA Cosmetics' New York headquarters, BECCA field marketing director and makeup artist Kerry Cole shared her foolproof, two-step contouring method with us:

"Create definition and dimension by tracing the number three along the perimeter of the face [with a flat-top brush] in one continuous sweep. Be sure to hit three key spots—hairline, hollow of the cheek and the jawline. Repeat as necessary until fully blended. To create light and lift, using a highlighter, trace the letter C around the eye in one continuous motion. Start at the middle of the forehead and sweep all the way around the temple and on top of the cheekbone. Repeat motion until product is blended."

Easy, right? Click through above to shop seven ways to try the technique at home!

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