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We're officially deep into summer, yay! So if you haven't adapted your haircare routine for the hot, sweltering, but oh-so-satisfying season, here are a few quick and easy tips how—and specific to your hair. So click through to learn how you can have a perfect 'do from now through Labor Day and to find out how to recreate every single look with products from Dove, Nexxus and TRESemmé!
For the Blondes
Number one priority: Keep your hair hydrated to maintain softness and shine, especially if your locks are delicate and fine. Moisturize regularly with a nourishing hair oil by working the formula through from the mid-length of your strands to the ends. This rule applies whether you're naturally fair-haired or if you had a little help. (We won't tell.)
Summer is all about hydration! Infused with Anatolian pomegranate seed oil, this non-greasy, restorative treatment moisturizes and protects to create a healthy shine to hair.
For Long Straight Hair
If you have smooth, poker straight hair, the chill relaxed summer is the optimum time to try out that beachy surfer girl look. Just spray on a root lifting texturizer to bring out the volume and natural movement in your hair. Then hit those waves—or just pretend like you did.
A spritz of this ultra-light moisturizing spray boosts hair with added texture, body, and four times the volume. Really.
If Your Hair is Pink, Purple, Green, [Insert Color Here]
Color-treated hair needs some extra loving care thanks to the hot, burning, and moisture-sapping summer sun. Before you shampoo (and step out into the blazing heat), pre-treat your hair with a shielding, water-repelling primer that hydrates and protects your hard-earned color. You know, since you'll be clocking a fair amount of time in the chlorinated pool and salty ocean water.
Infused with white orchid extract, this primer keeps color vibrant twice as long. Just work one or two drops through your hair before you shampoo for softness, silkiness, and shine.
Congrats, You Went Short!
We're kinda glad that all the cool girls gave us some short hair inspiration right before the long, hot summer. The chopped 'do keeps you refreshed in the sticky heat and it's so low maintenance to style. Slick it back, let it fall naturally—just wash and go. But make sure you shampoo daily with a hydrating, but ultra-light formula (yes, from the mouths of dry shampoo addicts) for optimum control and styling options.
Boosted with the power of Oxyfusion Technology, this lightweight, oxygen-infused shampoo gently cleans while moisturizing summer-ravaged hair.
For Naturally Curly and Texturized Hair
Embrace and, more importantly, work with the texture and natural curl of your hair this season. A hydrating styling creme will be your best friend to moisturize, fight frizz, and enhance the gorgeous texture of your hair. Work the formula through all the way to the ends and either air dry or heat diffuse and style—up to you!
Formulated especially for curly hair, this rich creme lotion softens, locks in moisture, and holds style up to 24-hours.
You're on the Fringe
Seriously, how do girls like Suki Waterhouse keep their bangs so immaculately fresh and bouncy in the wilting heat of July? If you're like the model of the moment and adventurous enough to work some flawless fringe this melty season, you need a frizz-repellent product in your arsenal. Hey, all these professional stylists say so. After you shampoo and condition, spray and distribute the formula through towel dried hair. Then either blow out your bangs with a large barrel round brush or roll the dice and let those babies air dry.
Even during the meltiest of summer days, this frizz-busting spray leaves your hair silky, shiny, and—most importantly—smooth.
If You're Braiding It
When all else fails in the coif-destructing summer heat, just braid it. (Provided you didn't go short, that is—then please click back to slide number eight.) Whether you opt for French, Dutch, fishtail, milkmaid, or whatever plaits-combo you decide to concoct your own (we do that a lot), you'll need workable, textured hair as a foundation. So spray on some dry shampoo, brush it out, and go nuts!
This spray-on, dry shampoo formula is infused with mineral clay and citrus to leave hair light, fresh, and workable for whatever style you decide to try on day two (or three, or four... we don't judge).
If You're a Brunette
Whether your shade is chestnut, chocolate, or reddish (and the texture is fine or thick), it's all about glorious, glossy shine for brown hair. But that scorching sun and dehydrating blue water can damage, thus making your locks—gasp—dull. So treat your hair with a nourishing, shine-activating serum. Psst: Choose a formula with extra frizz-fighting powers for the muggy and sweltering season.
Powered by the lab-tested Nutri-Style Complex, this light cream serum formula is a triple threat styling product. It moisturizes, protects, and fights pesky frizz.
For Beachy Curls and Waves
Dryness and humidity are a curly-haired girl's arch nemeses during a scorching sticky summer—mark our words. So stay a step ahead of the damaging and coif-wrecking weather by treating your locks to a weekly deep-conditioning sesh. The treatment will keep your waves perfectly hydrated for easy styling and to shield against frizz-inducing humidity.
This deep conditioning treatment strengthens dry, damaged hair with a special mix of avocado and honey extracts. The formula replenishes hair with moisture and combats frizz and breakage from the damaging elements.