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In the summer, short hair can either be really, really easy, or really, really annoying. Click through for celebrity hairstylist Rodney Cutler's tips on how to deal.
"Use products that add separation, moisture and a bit of hold (like a lightweight defining cream) and always use your fingers to dry before using a blow dryer. This is not only better for your hair, but your style will last longer. Plus, the natural texture of your hair will shine through."
"To avoid flipping, dry your hair to the curvature of your head with a flat brush."
"If your hair has natural movement, add a light mousse and "cuddle"—not scrunch—the hair while drying by lightly massaging the strands as they loosely hang in the palm of your hand. This creates a natural, long-lasting wave or curl."
"To curl naturally straight short hair, wrap it half way around the barrel and hold. If you have more of a bob, do this a second time and allow the ends to stay straight. This creates a cool "s" shape. Loosely break up with your fingers and add a texturizer and hair spray."
"Use metallic or dark bobby pins for a decorative effect, to hide kinks, or to pull hair back from the face. Place the bobby pins on each side in an "X" or in two to three parallel lines. This holds the hair and adds movement to the back of the head where the hair is loose."
"Summer is all about being playful and not too serious—your hair should reflect that! Get rid of your part by raking your hair with your fingers to create a tousled, disheveled style. This way, you're working with the humidity, not against it."