A Parade of Braids: 19 Fun Hairstyles To Wear All Season Long

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Celebrity hairstylist and founder of The Beauty Department Kristin Ess knows a thing or two about braids—for proof, look no further than her inspiring Instagram account. We’ve picked out a few of her envy-inducing braided hairstyles to give you tons of hot-weather hair inspiration.
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Digital Beauty Editor

Whether she’s styling longtime clients like Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale or simply experimenting with her own lush, Kool-Aid red locks, Kristin Ess is somewhat of a hair wizard when it comes to creating amazing braids. Just when we thought we’d seen every type of braid imaginable, Ess thinks outside the box, dreaming up fresh interpretations of the basic plait.

Click through from some of hairstylist Kristin Ess' best braids, straight from her Instagram!

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