Orly’s New BB Creme Will Make Your Nails Healthier Than Ever

Digital Beauty Editor

We’re clearly in the dog days of summer, but I think my nails are still recovering from the brutally long months of dry winter air we had earlier this year. Between peeling, breaking and brittleness my nails are sadly not in their best shape. Plus, I might be guilty of one too many gel manis recently, too.

Instead of waiting months for my nails to fully grow out, the geniuses at Orly recently came out with a product that’s quickly curing basically any nail issue with just a couple of easy swipes. The new Orly BB Creme has all the benefits you love about a traditional skincare BB: it smooths and brightens while packing in tons of moisture so it helps prevent dryness and breakage. It also shields your fingertips from damaging UV rays—yes, even your nails need protection (who knew?).

Since it’s a treatment and not a classic basecoat, wear it alone on clean nails at the beginning of the week before you get your next weekend manicure and your nails will be strong and healthy again in no time.

Orly BB Creme, $15, orlybeauty.com

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