How to Get A Perfect Summer Glow—Without The Sun

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You don't need to spend endless days at the beach to achieve sun-kissed skin—in fact, you should be avoiding the sun as much as possible. Instead, opt for these pretty bronzers that'll get your skin looking amazing this summer. Click through for our favorite ones that do the trick.

Adam Katz Sinding

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Microfine pigments are responsible for the incredibly natural shades in summer’s newest bronzers. To leave skin sun-kissed and healthy-looking with a powder, trace a backward 3 shape with a fluffy brush, moving from the sides of your forehead to your cheekbones to your jaw. Blend the two sides together by lightly dusting down the bridge of your nose and chin. You can also use powders for body—a little bronzer along your collarbone, under your triceps and down the front of your legs creates a slimming effect. Liquids also work for both face and body: Dab a bit with your fingers or a foundation brush onto spots that the sun might hit, like cheekbones, then blend outward.

Now that you're armed with expert tips, click through above for the key products that'll give you an amazing-looking glow.

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