A Quick and Easy Ponytail That's Totally Office-Appropriate

Digital Beauty Editor

I used to think ponytails were only meant for wearing while working out and washing my face—until I recently rediscovered this chic, polished style on the Richard Nicoll runway from London Fashion Week that completely changed my mind about the humble ponytail.

To copy the look dreamt up by Vidal Sassoon global ambassador Duffy, make a low pony at the nape of your neck, secure it with an elastic and tie a second elastic an inch below the first. Then, split the pony into two sections so that you have about a third of your hair in one hand and the rest in the other. Take the smaller section in your left hand and wrap it fully around the hair, bringing it back to the front and pulling the ends through the loop of second elastic, creating a tight knot.

Tuck in the ends to hide the elastic (I like to spray it with a generous amount of hairspray first to give it lots of grip) and carefully cut out the top elastic that you used to secure the ponytail so it's loose and flowy. Tease the top of the hair to create texture and don’t worry about the few face-framing pieces that fall out.

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