Silicone-Free Primers: The Key To A Long-Lasting Makeup Look That Won't Break You Out

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These non-silicone primers are not only gentle enough for those with sensitive skin, but also prevent breakouts and clogged pores. Click through for six good-to-the-last-drop options.

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Talk to any makeup artist and she'll tell you that smooth, hydrated skin is the perfect canvas to work on when you're applying your makeup. But with our crazy-busy schedules, we can't really blame you if you haven't been keeping up with your eight glasses of water a day or committing to that nightly face mask. So if time isn't quite on your side this summer, an amazing primer just might be your new best friend. The tricky thing, though, is that many primers contain silicones (the ingredient that gives them that velvety, silky feel) that can irritate skin, especially for those who are acne-prone or super-sensitive.

"While silicone can be a helpful ingredient if you're looking to even out your skin's texture and fill in fine lines, for some women prone to acne, this filling and mattifying effect may allow oil and impurities to sit on the skin and ultimately cause a breakout," explains Tarte national makeup artist Erin Griffin. "If you tend to break out from silicone, try avoiding products with high levels of dimenthicone and methicone, as they may have a similar effect. Most importantly, though, people with acne-prone skin should avoid any occlusive ingredients—like mineral oil—which can clog pores and trap dirt, oil and bacteria to cause breakouts.”

Fortunately, you don't need your own science lab to figure out which primer will work for you. We've tested the best silicone-free options, all guaranteed to give you great skin and help your makeup last way longer—so key for sweaty summer months. Click through above to find the one that's right for you.

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