Taylor Swift Is Making Wet Hair A Thing Again

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Rarely do we see Taylor Swift looking even a smidge short of perfectly prim and proper—even while leaving the gym. While it would take a village, as they say, to make me into the perfectly styled goddess that is post-workout Swift, she’s able to emerge from her sweat den with nary a hair out of place.

But Tuesday was a special day for us Swift fans; the star left her gym, ModelFIT, with wet, slicked-back hair—a style that would have made her supermodel BFF Karlie Kloss quite proud. Not since the days of the Olsens' take on shower chic have we seen wet hair look so good.

While we ordinarily see the 24-year-old songstress flaunt curly blonde waves, this off-duty hairstyle showed a slight crack in Swift’s otherwise impenetrable, flawless veneer. It was exciting—if only because it reminded us that she, too, can get lazy after doing whatever it is they do at ModelFIT.

The day she opts out of applying her signature red lipstick, though—that’ll be a day for the books.

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