Seven Lucky Editors Went Platinum—Here's What They Learned!

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From celebs to editors, it seems like everyone took the plunge for platinum hair this summer. Click through to see the gorgeous results of Lucky editors who went super-blond recently, the tips they learned from the pros and the best products to keep bright hair in top shape.

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Perhaps it was Oribe who started it all: “Every girl needs to go platinum at least once while she’s young,” he told us months ago. Or was it Miley? RiRi? Khaleesi? “It’s a look that makes you that much more noticeable,” says colorist/New York salon proprietress Marie Robinson, who’s been platinum for 10 years. “I love the vibrance of bleached hair—the wild texture,” she says. “It’s that bit of edginess that regular high-lift blond just isn’t.”

Above, you'll find the sum of our new platinum knowledge, plus tips from top colorists.

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