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From celebs to editors, it seems like everyone took the plunge for platinum hair this summer. Click through to see the gorgeous results of Lucky editors who went super-blond recently, the tips they learned from the pros and the best products to keep bright hair in top shape.
Bleached hair can turn green from copper in pool water or in old pipes. Rachel Bodt, colorist at Cutler Salon in NYC, says the fix is a great showerhead filter.
Another way to avoid hair from turning green, Jennifer Thorpe, colorist at Sam Brocato in NYC, recommends weeting pre-condition your hair before swimming: "Processed hair is super-porous—wetting it beforehand fills up the cuticle with water so copper can’t."
If all your careful precautions fail and your hair does turn green, a salon can easily reverse it.
Go all platinum or go home! Don’t just get highlights: "the point is super-pale, full-on white-blond," says Rita Hazan, owner of Rita Hazan salon in NYC.
Platinum hair can easily go brassy or orange-yellowish. “Shampoos and conditioners (like John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Correct Anti-Brassy Cleansing Treatment, $9, with violet or blue tints counteract brassy tones to maintain a bright, truly blond shade,” says Meg Sanchez-Hartigan, colorist at Marie Robinson.
Treat yourself to color-reviving products like Christophe Robin's Nutritive Mask With Temporary Coloring in Baby Blond ($53, It covers grays and prevents discoloration.
Bleach damages your hair. “Douse wet hair with leave-in before combing, or comb it in the shower while it’s still full of conditioner, use the most hydrating products you can find, pat instead of towel-dry and sleep on a silk pillowcase,” says Aura Friedman, colorist at NYC’s Sally Hershberger Downtown. Protein masks strengthen; deep conditioners enhance color and shine, explains Victoria Hunter, colorist at Whittemore House in NYC.