Eight New Lightweight Liquid Foundations That Feel Like A Second Skin—Even In The Summer Heat

These brand-new liquid foundations feel like a second skin, even in the summer heat. Click through to shop them all!

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Digital Beauty Editor

Finding the right foundation can be challenging. Not only are there tons of different formulas, but the texture of your skin is always slightly shifting depending on the weather, your current skincare regimen or even hormonal changes. So it makes sense why the tried-and-true formula you used a few months ago might not be giving you the exact same results now. For years I was a loyal fan to mineral foundation, but lately the summer heat has been making my skin more oil-prone than usual, and if you're like me, a dusting of tinted loose powder isn't quite cutting it right now in terms of coverage.

So to complement the heat and humidity, I've chosen eight amazing new liquid foundations that perform great in the warm-weather months when your skin is already naturally more dewy. Click through for the latest liquid cover-ups that feel so lightweight, you won't even remember you have them on.

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