Four Reasons Why You'll Become Obsessed With Boscia's Latest Konjac Sponge

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Konjac sponges look like Styrofoam, feel hard as a rock when you first open the package and aren't exactly the most attractive thing to see in your bathroom vanity. I wouldn't blame you for having reservations before trying out the cleansing sponge—I had them myself!—but it's quickly became a staple in my daily skincare routine.

Though konjac has been around Asia for years, Boscia was one of the first brands to introduce the naturally detoxifying root-based vegetable to the States. Now, the brand just added an amazing new red clay version to their lineup, and while reasons to use it are endless, but I'll pare it down to my top four:

1. It's great for sensitive skin: After you dampen a konjac sponge with warm water, the pillow soft texture deep cleans better than a traditional washcloth, but aren't as irritating as a regular exfoliating brush.

2. It removes makeup easier: After I apply it with any of my existing cleansers, I like using it in a circular motion all-over my face—including my eyelids—to get rid of every speck of makeup that my hands can't do alone.

3. It brightens skin: The green clay ingredient in the latest update is particularly great for drawing out impurities and clarifying acne-prone skin.

4. It's low-maintenance: When you're done washing your face, all you have do is wring out the sponge and hang it to dry. Just toss it after two months of use.

Plus, it's only $15—so worth giving up a couple of lattes to get one.

Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge with Complexion Clearing Clay, $15,

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