Cara Delevingne Got Completely Naked For Tom Ford’s New Perfume Campaign

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Courtesy of Tom Ford

Another day, another Cara Delevingne update. After we learned yesterday that Delevingne raked in an impressive $3.5 million last year, the 22-year-old multihyphenate is making headlines for a different reason: she's the new face of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid fragrance, and in her campaign, she's bearing it all in her birthday suit.

Here we see Delevingne reclining in a (presumably) shallow pool of orchids with nary a piece of clothing in sight—though of course, her makeup is fully intact. But by this point, she’s become something of a pro at posing beneath water: remember her now-infamous bathtub cover for Love in 2013? (See below.)

We’ll give it to the woman: she certainly knows her strengths, and she’s sticking to them.

via Love Magazine

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