10 Coffee-Infused Skincare Products That'll Give Your Beauty Routine A Jolt

Ingredients like coffee, almond and orange might sound like the recipe for a delicious smoothie, but they also make this refreshing body lotion smell fantastic, too.

Kenyan coffee beans and natural oils slough off dead skin and improve your overall texture–just in time for the colder weather.

A really unique blend of coffee bean extracts, cucumber and mushrooms soothes your skin and gets it crazy glowy.

In addition to being the cutest beauty product you've ever seen, this Korean import gently exfoliates to reveal soft, even and radiant skin.
Coffee and green tea zap puffiness and brighten dark circles, while blackcurrant oil moisturizes and vitamins E and C treat wrinkles.

Warning: This scrub smells like the most amazing chocolate brownies ever made, but unfortunately it's not edible. It is, however, an excellent body exfoliator.
The wake-up call you need in your A.M. shower.
The power of coffee, coconut and grapeseed oil in one do-it-all scrub—seriously, it helps treat cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema and acne.
A rich, complexion-boosting mask with the scent of a creamy latte.

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Though we'd argue that we celebrate coffee every morning (and sometimes every afternoon, too), today just so happens to be National Coffee Day, and considering we've observed Book Lovers Day, Best Friends Day and even National Dog Day, we'd be remiss if we didn't pay tribute to our favorite caffeine-charged beverage.

After all, we owe coffee a lot. It provides us with boundless energy and an excuse to peel away from our desks—plus, it's the solution to countless skincare woes: The caffeine perks up tired eyes, neutralizes blotchiness and evaporates cellulite, while the grounds are an amazing exfoliator.

So in honor of our favorite source of caffeine, click through above to shop 10 coffee-infused skincare products that are sure to invigorate your beauty routine.

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