The Hassle-Free Secret To Long, Luscious Lashes—No Falsies Needed!

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Allow us to introduce you to fiber mascara: the no-fuss way to achieve longer, fuller lashes. Click through to shop our favorites!


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I have a friend who wears false lashes every single day. At this point, she's so adept at the application process that she can apply them without even glancing in the mirror. I, on the other hand, don't have the patience nor a steady enough hand for the task, so when my lashes need more of a boost than my everyday mascara can offer, I'm at a loss.

But last month, at the launch of her Aeropostle fragrance, YouTube superstar Bethany Mota introduced me to the wonders of fiber mascara, a lash-lengthening product she discovered during a recent trip to Asia.

Fiber mascara is like regular mascara except it contains small nylon, silk or rayon threads that attach to your lashes, making them appear longer, thicker and depending on how much formula you pile on, like they're fake.

After playing with a few I found stateside, I learned that contrary to what you might expect, you can't see the fibers (once applied), they don't fall off or smudge and miraculously, they don't make your lashes look clumpy. So basically, I'm never wearing plain old mascara again.

Click through above to shop seven standout fiber-containing mascaras from brands you know and imports you should get to know.

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