Four Insanely Easy Nail Art DIYs From the New JINsoon For Tess Giberson Collab

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The new JINsoon for Tess Giberson nail polish collaboration is full of colors to easily transition your fingertips from summer to fall. Wear them on their own, or click through for simple nail art ideas to take them up a notch.

Tess Giberson

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Somehow between juggling her three New York City Hand and Foot Spas, gearing up for Fashion Week and creating countless nail art looks for models and celebs, manicurist Jin Soon Choi has also teamed up with clothing designer Tess Giberson on an amazing new nail polish collection for fall.

The lineup includes a mix of bright and dark colors—each with its own special twist. I, personally, can't get enough of Heirloom, which is a super-glossy metallic that’s equal parts blue and green, depending on how the light hits it. Other favorites include Farrago, a reddish purple with flattering specks of gold and Mélange, a pretty chrome with the coolest hints of dark gray glitter that practically gives me nail art in a single swipe.

“They’re the perfect shades to easily take you from summer to fall. The collection has dark undertones that remind you of fall, but with a twist of brightness coming from speckles, shimmers and chromes, they're ready to wear right now too,” Jin Soon Choi told me at the launch event. “I was inspired by Tess Giberson’s minimalist approach to her clothing designs, which are also easy to transition between the seasons.”

While the shades look great on their own, they can also be used in unique ways for the easiest nail art ideas ever. Above, Choi walked us through a few of her favorite of-the-moment styles using the collaboration’s colors. While you'll have to wait a couple more days to shop the exact shades, these nail art ideas are ones you can experiment with right now. Click through to learn how to recreate them yourself and then try them using the exact JINsoon x Tess Giberson formulas later this month.

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