This Disney-Inspired Lip Art Will Blow Your Mind

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We can't stop staring at blogger and makeup artist Laura Jenkinson's mind-bending lip art. Click through to check out her best Disney-themed work.
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When I was little, I believed that the face painters at my friends' birthday parties had the talent level of Van Gogh or Monet, but I'm pretty sure their work never looked anything like that of Laura Jenkinson, a UK-based blogger and makeup artist who creates vivid lip art featuring popular cartoon characters.

"I love transforming myself into something thats almost unrecognizable," Jenkinson wrote on her blog. Indeed, in addition to her mind-bending lip art, she's also used makeup to morph her entire face into characters like Edward Scissorhands and to create frighteningly realistic-looking special effect makeup.

Click through above to check out Jenkinson's best Disney-themed work, and check out her blog and Instagram for more makeup-designed trompe l'oeils.

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