Micellar Water: The French Skincare Secret You Have Got To Try

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For years French women have relied on micellar water as a staple for glowy, fresh skin—and luckily it's now available stateside from some of your favorite skincare brands. Click thorugh to shop this amazing skin pick-me-up.

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I'll go to great lengths to find the perfect skincare routine, which means I'm usually the first to volunteer to be a guinea pig for all kinds of beauty experiments. From using a cream with baby salmon egg shells, DIY-ing a face scrub with coconut oil and slothing off dead skin with an exotic konjac sponge, I thought I'd seen (and tried!) them all. So I was surprised when I recently learned about a French skincare product over lunch with Marie-Laure Fournier, a Parisienne herself and founder of Fournier Communications. "I can't believe no one has spread the word about micellar water yet!," she exclaimed in between bites of pâté en croûte. "It's been around for years in France and is truly the secret to amazing skin."

As it turns out, micellar water is made of "micelles," which are small oil molecules suspended in water that dissolve every trace of dirt and extra oil on your face. Micellar water cleanses, removes makeup and acts as a toner in just a few easy swipes. I'm all about paring down my beauty routine in the summer, so this multipurpose product sounded right up my alley.

While I was totally prepared to do some intense digging on eBay to find this French miracle product, it turns out there are plenty of options available stateside from brands like La Roche-Posay, Avene, Orlane and Darphin. Click through above to shop from one of your favorite brands or discover a new favorite—we guarantee each one will deliver gorgeous results.

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