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For years French women have relied on micellar water as a staple for glowy, fresh skin—and luckily it's now available stateside from some of your favorite skincare brands. Click thorugh to shop this amazing skin pick-me-up.
It's seriously weightless, but just as moisturizing as a lotion. With a healthy combo of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, my skin sort of looks like I just came off of a week-long juice cleanse. Plus, the hypoallergenic formula is great for even the most sensitive types.
This French pharmacie staple is easily the product that sparked the micellar water trend. The rinse-free formula gets rid of every trace of waterproof makeup while maintaining your skin's pH balance. Makeup artists and celebs around the world truly swear by it.
The subtle scent is so refreshing and it captures every speck of dirt that even the naked eye can't easily see.
It's a rinse-free cleanser, toner and makeup remover in one—seriously cutting every skincare routine in half.
This sensitive skin-friendly micellar water is so non-drying, you can skip your usual face cream afterward.
It has a light rosy scent and it's so pampering that you actually look forward to taking off your makeup.
This micellar water also comforts irritation and skin that's prone to redness—perfect after a day in the sun where you (yikes) forgot your SPF.
This purifying cleanser is made for all skin types and softens skin with cornflower, chamomile and witch hazel extracts.