The Best New At-Home Gel Polishes That Last Forever (And Won't Ruin Your Nails!)

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You apply them like a regular nail polish, but they look as glossy and gorgeous as an actual gel manicure. Click through for the latest batch of shiny at-home gel polishes—no UV light necessary.

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Any nail polish junkie will agree that getting a manicure only to have it chip the very next day is quite possibly the worst. thing. ever. It seems like no matter what precautions you take to avoid this very situation, it inevitably happens way sooner than it should. But while we all know that no polish can last forever, at least we can soak in a few more days with our manis thanks to the latest batch of at-home gel nail polishes. We love that these long-lasting lacquers don't require UV light or a fancy drying device—plus, you can swipe them off with remover just as easy as any regular polish.

Click through for five of the latest brands to get you your best nails ever.

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