EXCLUSIVE: The Perfect Red Nail Polish You've Been Waiting For, Found!

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Pattie Yankee is a bona fide nail magician: somewhere in between being the brains behind many a fashion week manicure, creating amazing red carpet nail looks for celebs like Katy Perry, Allison Williams and Pink, and working on her namesake line, Patricia Nail Lacquer, she also found time to team up with designer Pamella Roland on the most perfect shade of red polish we've ever seen.

"Patricia started working on our shows several season ago and even with the flurry of chaos that happens backstage, I could always rely on her to keep me calm and collected when it came to the nails on the models," Roland tells Lucky. "Nail color is always one of the major elements to plan when you're creating the runway look. This fall, I was inspired by an artist name TJ Wilcox and his piece In the Air, which shows different views of New York City. With that in mind, we wanted a strong, powerful shade of deep red that worked beautifully with all of the clothes."

Not only is the nail polish a long-lasting, rich formula, but "it goes with all skin tones because it's a timeless shade of red with a subtle golden shimmer," according to Yankee. It's so versatile, the two decided to release just one polish instead of a whole line—for now. However, with a nail color this good, we won't be surprised if this is just the beginning for the brilliant duo.

Pamella Roland x Patricia Yankee Nail Lacquer in New York City, $12, pamellaroland.com

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