13 Quick, Hat-Friendly Summer Hairstyles That Won't Mess Up Your 'Do

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These hairstyles look great all day long—with or without a hat! Click through for hat-friendly hairstyles we've spotted on some of our favorite street style stars to inspire you for the rest of the season.
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As someone who doesn’t own a single hat, lately I've been obsessed with finding the perfect one to kick-start my collection. Hats have tons of appeal, especially in the summer. They're not only a stylish way to hide second-day hair, but they protect your strands from damaging UV rays—so key for an al fresco brunch on a lazy Sunday or a long day at the beach.

But it's not just about finding the perfect hat—picking out a hairstyle to complement one can also definitely be tricky. The best way to prevent crazy hat hair is to avoid wearing one with a fresh blowout or a completely pin-straight look. Embrace the fact that it's going to get a little messed up and go with a slightly unkempt style that's still totally chic. And after you take off your hat, add a bit of volumizing dry shampoo at the roots save you from any unflattering flatness or weird indentations.

From sweet, simple braids to adorable side buns, these street style bloggers above give inspiration on how to make a hat work for you. Click through for 13 perfect hat-ready hairstyles that look great even long after you take it off.

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