EXCLUSIVE: Rita Ora On The Sexiest Places To Wear Perfume, Her Favorite Lipstick And More

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Rita Ora is having the best year ever. Somewhere in between filming Fifty Shades of Grey, prepping a new album, gearing up for New York Fashion Week and staging an epic performance with Iggy Azalea at the VMAs, Rita Ora found a moment to chat with Lucky at the launch of DKNY's new fragrance, MYNY.

You may be wondering why the Yugoslavia-born British singer was named the face of a quintessentially New York brand's latest scent—but if it weren't for her charming accent, you would think Ora was born and raised in NYC. Not only do her edgy style choices, bold beauty looks and outgoing personality fit right in, but she also recorded her first album in the Big Appple and really got to experience the city like a true New Yorker while living here with her sister. "This fragrance reminds me of the high energy of the city and how spontaneous, vibrant and unexpected it can be. I love that about New York," said Ora.

We sat down with the star to discuss everything from her first fragrance memory to the sexiest places to spritz on perfume and the lipstick color she can't live without. Read on!

Lucky: Were you always a fragrance person? Describe the first time you ever tried on a perfume.

Rita Ora: Back when I was in school, I was always wearing some sort of fragrance, whether it was perfume, deodorant or body lotion—I always liked smelling good. My mother had a signature scent, Chanel No. 5, and she oozed glamour. I was always stealing my mom's Chanel perfume and my friends were always asking and I said [very dramatically], "It's Chanel." It automatically made me cool.

Where are the sexiest places to spray a fragrance?

I put it in my hair, on my neck and on my wrist. Then I spray it all over in the middle of my body.

You always experiment with such unique beauty looks. Were you always playing around with hair and makeup as a kid?

Thank you! Growing up I was always experimenting with beauty. I got it from my mom. I'm telling you—she's so glamorous, cool and fabulous! Being a mom is hard enough even without keeping [your hair and makeup look] together so she was definitely my inspiration. I've always been a big fan of fashion and I love clothes—and beauty comes with it. I look at clothes and see all these colors, fabrics and details and try to make a beauty look out of it. For me, it's like a rhythm and it all runs together. It's about what flows. For me, it's like an art.

You're known for your signature red lip—what color is your go-to and, do you ever get bored with the bold lip?

Never! This one I'm wearing [in the photo above] is MAC Lady Danger. It's really good.

Do you ever try to do your own hair and makeup? What's the most important tip you've learned from the pros?

Sometimes I do my own makeup. I've learned a lot over the years. The most important thing to do is use SPF and make sure your skin is staying hydrating with a great moisturizing cream, lip balm, night cream and eye serum. I'm very conscious about the dark bags under my eyes so I'm always using a serum. I love the one by Fresh at the moment. I love how they use real rose petals and how, well, fresh it truly feels—it really lives up to its name.

DKNY MYNY Eau de Parfum Spray, $48-$88, sephora.com

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