Executive Beauty Director

The anti-stuff-accumulation people would really not like the ledge along my bathtub, which is crowded with way too many bath oils (and body oils, which work fine in a bath in my opinion) to count. I take a bath every night, and I rotate the options constantly; choosing which one is perhaps my very favorite thing about my job. But if I were a more ... sleek, modern person, one who could bear to streamline, the choice for the one oil for the rest of my life would be easy: this one from Rituals. Organic and wildly skin-softening, it smells, perfectly, faintly, of eucalyptus in a way that’s like a warm breeze, as opposed to the slap-in-the-face eucalyptus often is. Nothing smells better; nothing feels better. And: You can bathe in it!

Rituals Heavenly Hammam Relaxing Bath Oil, $19, us.rituals.com

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