19 Times Taylor Swift Styled Her Bangs Like A Boss

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Bored with your bangs? Click through for 19 times Taylor Swift styled her fringe in a fantastic new way.

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Digital Beauty Editor

Like many Lucky staffers, I've had a few highly regrettable brushes with bangs. Every time I start to reconsider my stance on fringe, I manage to unearth a photo of some hack job from my childhood—which is enough to send me running for the hills. But just when I think I've fully given up on ever adding bangs to my beauty look again, a new photo of Taylor Swift's perfect fringe always makes me forget about my hair PTSD.

Back in the day, Swift never really strayed from her signature hair look: a swirly, curly updo (in case you're drawing a blank, a simple Google image search should refresh your memory). It was always gorgeous, but admittedly lacked pizzazz. Ever since she incorporated fringe in late 2011, though, she's experimented with styling them in many different ways. Whether she wears them straight across, pushed to the side, straight, wavy or curly, Swift always gets her bangs right.

Click through for 19 Taylor Swift-inspired ways to wear your bangs—without ever getting bored of them again.

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